Don’t you hate driving around with your C5 looking like a cyclops because one of your headlights wont go up or down? Any number of things could be the root the problem, but thankfully the good folks at Corvette Central recently posted this awesome “How-To” story to help you with repairing your C5’s headlight motors.

In case you haven’t checked it out, their tech library has a bunch of helpful information about all generations of Corvette – we used their advice to reset the tire pressure monitoring system sensors on Project Y2k, for example. In their latest update, they tackle the process of fixing a dead or “rattling” headlight motor step-by-step. If you’ve checked into what getting one fixed will cost you at the dealer, you will be VERY pleased with the savings of this DIY project.

Click here for the full story, and learn how to put an end to your Corvette’s “one-eyed-woes” once and for all.