Corvette Central Performance Offers Q&A with Danny Kellermeyer

When it comes to racing Corvettes, Corvette race car builder and driver, Danny Kellermeyer, is the guy to turn to. So who better to ask your Corvette racing questions to than the go-to-guy for the sport? That is exactly what Corvette Central Performance is offering with their latest question and answer page with the well-known racer.

Known as D.J. Race, Kellermeyer will answer all your racing questions on the “Ask D.J. Race” section of Corvette Central Performance’s website. After retiring as an engineer for General Motors, Kellermeyer turned to building Corvette race cars full time and racing them part time. Kellermeyer and his team of Corvette drivers have driven to 26 championships in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) race series and the Waterford Hills Road Racing, Inc. (WHRRI) race series since 1989, dominating the club racing scene. Just last year, Kellermeyer won 21 out of 23 races he competed in. Needless to say, he knows his stuff when it comes to racing Corvettes.

The most recent questions Kellermeyer has answered on Corvette Central Performance’s website all involve autocrossing. Kevin Williams, a Corvette owner from Orlando, Florida wanted to know what brake pads and rotors were best for his C5 when participating in autocross events. Travis Pintner, a C5 owner from Des Moines, Iowa, wanted to know if he should be concerned about fuel starvation issues when autocrossing his stock Corvette. Another Corvette owner, Tom Rodriguez from Peoria, Illinois asked about the frequency in which brake and transmission fluid changes should be done with regular autocross participation.

By turning to the well-known Corvette builder and race car driver, these Corvette owners and you are guaranteed the best answers possible. To submit a question to D.J. Race, you can email Corvette Central Performance via the Ask D.J. Race page.

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