The Registry of Corvette Race Cars, or RCRC, maintains a registry for all generations of Corvette racers. Corvettes that are in the Sports Car Club of America, Sportscar Vintage Racing Association or the International Motor Sports Association, along with many other organizations, are recorded in different classes and kept track of through the registry. This information is invaluable for owners and restorers looking to establish a particular car’s history and authenticate its racing pedigree.

In order to give Corvette enthusiasts more awareness of Corvette racing events, Corvette Central has partnered with the RCRC and will be writing feature stories that pertain to Corvette racing. Corvette Central will also be publishing updates on events on their Facebook and blog pages. A gallery has been established by Corvette Central to showcase Corvette racers and national events on their website.

According to their announcement, Corvette Central will be featuring different installments for their stories and coverage throughout the year. The first installment, “Watkins Glen, Then and Now” takes a look at the birthplace of sports car racing.

In the world of Corvette racing, the more history that’s preserved of events and racers, the better. We are happy that two fantastic organizations have come together to better racing coverage as we know it.