You’ve seen the Jalopnik rendering of what they claim the upcoming 2014 Corvette will look like. You’ve watched the “leaked” C7 bumper video frame by frame to dissect it for clues. Now, Trinity Animation has taken Jalop’s rendering and turned it into a computer-generated visualization video that speculates on what the next-gen Corvette will look like in motion.

There are some interesting speculative aspects to the video that aren’t present in the source material – while we’ve seen the side markers integrated into the fender lips before, Trinity’s take on the taillights with half-moon LED illumination serves to soften the resemblance to the back end of a 5th gen Camaro when they’re lit, though European Chevy fans will no doubt find them somewhat reminiscent of the “Lady Gaga” one-piece lenses of the Euro-spec Camaro.

Trinity also postulates Audi-esque white LED headlamp “eyebrows” – we would guess that Chevy is more likely to dip into their existing gene pool for halo-style rings around the projector elements instead. The back glass also shows an homage to the C3, which is good for nostalgia but not so great for lane changes, what with the limited visibility caused by the “flying buttress” C-pillars.

Win, lose, or draw, though, it’s fun to have a look at the way Trinity has brought motion to the conceptual drawings we’ve seen so far. Let’s just hope they worked it out with Jalopnik ahead of time – otherwise this video might have a very short shelf-life before it gets taken down…