There have been many speculations made about how the 2014 Corvette C7 model will look but very little evidence backing them up. That is until now. Last week, captured images of what look to be two C7 chassis mules in Michigan. The speculation is that these cars are C7 running gear cloaked in current-gen shells, which accounts for the mismatch in wheelbase versus the wheel arches.

The two Corvettes, one coupe and one convertible, also sport dual-split side vents like the Grand Sports in addition to the altered wheelbase. Another notable difference is the exhaust tips are spaced evenly, unlike the C6 exhaust tips that have a larger space between the middle two. Seen in detail, one pair of tips is clearly different from the other – possibly camouflage, possibly a dual-mode system.

We still have plenty of time before we’ll know for sure what the C7’s actual body will look like. In the meantime, check out the images on