We’re sure a lot of Corvette owners have experienced their front bumper coming into contact with the ground more than once or twice – let’s just say it’s not the best feeling in the world. For us car guys, it’s almost like nails dragging across a chalk board, but with more goosebumps and swearing.

For all of you C7 owners out there, lowered or not, that have experienced this problem, look no further because Granatelli Motorsports has you covered. Released just recently for the 2014 Corvette, Granatelli’s bumper savers are a great way to protect the underside of your front bumper from dips, steep driveways, or any other uneven-pavement-related annoyance on the road.

The kit is an active skid plate design with proprietary integrated urethane wheels and comes with all of the hardware that is needed for the install, which should take less than an hour. One hour is definitely worth the hassle of having to worry about angling your car up every steep driveway with the risk of still scraping the bumper.

If you do happen to install these bumper savers on your ride, just remember that they’re not suspension for your front bumper – taking speed bumps, drainage ditches, and steep driveways at high speeds can really damage the car and these bumper savers are meant to help protect it from scraping in low clearance situations, not to protect under every circumstance while driving. 

These bumper savers are cool and can save you the money that you would use to repair the costly damage. Check out Granatelli’s website for pricing and more information!