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So you’ve got a Corvette, or maybe a brand-new Camaro, and you’ve decided that you’re just not crazy about how it sounds going down the road – in short, you want to announce yourself, and say “I’m a badass, and I’m driving a badass car.” Corsa Performance is here to help.

In the past, upgrading your exhaust system for more bark was a subjective task, as you had to find another car with the exhaust system you were thinking of buying, and even then, you’d be lucky to get the owner to let you drive it. Thankfully, that problem is all gone.

corsa1Corsa offers three different levels of muffler, all featuring their Reflective Sound Cancellation technology, which provides an exhaust that’s drone-free under cruising conditions but lets out all of the engine’s sweet, sweet sounds under harder acceleration levels.

The Xtreme design has the most aggressive sound level, a deep growl at idle, and screams at high RPM. The Sport Mufflers are their most popular design, offering a distinct rumble at idle and aggressive sound through the gears. The Touring version is only slightly louder than stock, and is quiet at idle. 

But the best part about the Corsa line of exhaust systems is that you can hear it, on a car like yours, with the muffler design you’re interested in.

How? By heading over to their website and checking out the Sound Levels page, which gives you the opportunity to hear each of the three different levels of Corsa’s muffler lineup, and what it will sound like on your car. They’ve got a ton of videos covering just about every performance car on the market, so go check it out.

For more information on the complete Corsa Performance line of exhaust products, check out their website.

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