While the world was going gaga over the limited edition Firebird-inspired Firehawk Camaro (which the car designer-turned-movie director and producer swore was NOT a Firebird skinning of the 5th generation Camaro), South African Corvette enthusiast and car designer Indries Noah designed his FireBlade. Crafted digitally from a Corvette ZR1, this concept would be a Corvette lover’s dream come true if it ever got to go into production.

Images: AmCarGuide.com

Obviously taking several cues from the legendary Shelby Daytona and the ZR1 forefather, the Stingray Corvette, Noah’s FireBlade reflects the power of muscle car while still being a true American sports car.

While this of course is still just a computer rendering, it is nice to dream “What if?” And that is why we love Corvette for giving us the platform to bounce ideas off of.