After a long, sometimes painful wait, the world got its first official look at the 2014 Corvette C7 at its unveiling at the North American International Auto Show earlier this month. And if you ask us, as a coupe, it looks great. But what about as a convertible? The droptop version of the Corvette was conspicuously absent at the unveiling earlier in the month, though rumors suggest its reveal isn’t too far away.

The latest word from Motor Authority is that the 2014 Corvette convertible will debut in March, and not in America but across the pond in Europe. Specifically in Geneva, Switzerland, at the annual Geneva Auto Show.

If true, this could indicate that a convertible Corvette C7 could go on sale as soon as GM opens up the order lines. However, there is still a chance that GM will launch the coupe version of the Corvette first, following up with the droptop version later in the year to give Corvette customers something additional to look forward to.

GM has already pledged to sell the Corvette in Europe, despite concerns about the Old World’s new car market. GM also chose Geneva to reveal the convertible version of the prior generation Corvette C6. Whether or not this is just an effort on the part of the Corvette marketing team to get a free trip to Geneva, we don’t know, but there is no denying the international appeal of the 2014 Corvette, droptop or not.