There has historically been a very close relationship between automakers and media outlets, with companies picking and choosing which journalists get access to what cars. But Consumer Reports is a shining beacon of journalistic ethics, straight-up buying their test vehicles instead of reviewing loaner cars in order to avoid any obligation to the automaker. This is why Consumer Report’s word always carries great weight with consumers.

So when Consumer Reports got their hands on the 2014 Corvette Stingray, many (including us) were interested to hear what the ad-free magazine had to say. But for ‘Vette fans, the verdict should come as no surprise.

While Consumer Reports hasn’t bought their own Corvette for full-testing yet, they were given a chance to get behind the wheel for a quick test drive. Their initial impressions echo what we have heard in other outlets; the new Corvette is fast, fun, and refined, with a massively-upgraded interior and an incredible new engine that combine for an enthusiastic driving experience.

Perhaps the most promising praise though refers to the new interior, which has a quality look and feel, something lacking in past Corvettes. It finally feels like an interior worthy of a car that can top out at $70,000. Of course we’ll want to wait for Consumer Report’s full test to really get a sense of how the new Corvette matches up, but we have a feeling that the testers will have a hard time hating on the latest and greatest Chevy sports car.