Anyone who has ever ended up with the wrong pulley system, understand the frustrations that can come along with it. It can be so frustrating to drive to your local parts store, and then find out that is to short or too long when you get back home. This usually ends up with a trip back to the auto parts store and a wasted afternoon.

The folks at Concept one understands that frustration, and in fact according to their website, is one of the reasons why they started producing the Concept One Pulley Systems. “They knew from years of restoration work how frustrating it was to buy ill-fitting components part by part and having to re-engineer everything to work together. That frustration led to the first complete pulley system, the Concept One Pulley System, introduced in 2001.”

Now Concept One’s website shows us the correct way of purchasing a complete pulley system. By following these steps you can avoid the frustrations that are commonly associated with pulleys. You can visit the how to buy section here, but we’ve outlined their process below.

Finding the right kit

  • What kind of truck/car do you have?
  • What kind of engine do you have?
  • What accessories will you be running?
  • What kind of water pump do you have?
  • What kind of harmonic balancer do you have?

Confirm your selection

  • Give them a call at 1800-337-0688 and confirm that you have chosen the correct pulley system.

While on the phone place your order, await delivery, and then install when you receive the product.

Installation is very easy, but if you have any questions or if you just need more information on your pulley make sure you check out their frequently asked questions on their website.

If you haven’t checked out concept one’s pulley systems, it’s time you did. They create custom pulleys for Chevy Small Blocks, Big Block Chevys, Small Block Fords, Big Block Fords, Steering gears, and accesorries to name a few. For more invormation visit their home on the web at