Always find yourself struggling to find just the right camshaft selection for an engine you’re putting together or upgrading and wish you had a quick resource for suggestions? Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice to have an outlet to which you could plug in each and every attribute of your engine combination down to the last detail and return a fairly accurate reading on expected horsepower and torque? Well, through the assistance of some truly innovative technology from COMP Cams, both are now possible right at the click of the mouse.

Check out the to CamQuest website to build your next camshaft!

With COMP’s CamQuest Camshaft Selection Software provides a set of camshaft recommendations from COMP’s extensive catalog all based on several integral factors, including the engine make and model, the type of lifter used, nitrous injection and/or forced induction, and the intended usage. The results will rank the recommendations on how solid a fit they are with your particular combination, along with complete camshaft specifications. All of the input selections are in easy to use drop down lists to make the process so easy a caveman could do it.

From there, you can click the Dyno Results tab at the bottom left, where you’ll find additional drop down lists for attributes such as cylinder heads, valve sizes, compression ratio, exhaust type, and other factors to determine a relative expected horsepower and torque curve and even a torque converter stall recommendation. For those utilizing force induction, the dyno results section gets down to the nitty gritty with turbo sizing, intercooler efficiency, and other detailed factors. In other words, COMP Cams has created one of the most helpful tools in the high performance industry. So head on over to CamQuest and check it out.