There’s a decade-old tradition of Corvette restying by Italian coachbuilders that are creating magnificent works of art based on America’s sports car. Some of the most memorable redesigned Corvettes have been released under the names Spada Codatronca and Bertone Mantide. announced March 24 that yet another restyled Vette will be making its debut in a couple weeks at the Top Marques show in Monaco, Italy.

Originally released as Ugur Sahin’s Corvette Z03 design two years ago, the newly redesigned Corvette is now being called the Anadi. The Mallett Cars Corvette tuning house gave input for the production of the Anadi, now being built by Soleil Motors. The design for the Anadi has been tweaked a bit since its original debut. The kink in the lower grill, as well as the see-through window in the hood, have been removed from the design. The Daytona-esque design of the original rear end has been reshaped into a more contemporary surface.

Sahin's original design has undergone several changes to create the final version of the Anadi.

Although noticeable changes have been made from the original design to create the actual production car, the Anadi still stays true to its Corvette origins and Sahin design with distinct body lines. With the debut of the production car still a few weeks away, we can only anticipate the release of another work of art based on one of America’s finest performance cars.