Our buddy and internet-famous Corvette enthusiast, Cleetus McFarland, just recently switched it up on his YouTube channel. He’s taking a break from the usual (usual for Cleetus being sticking random objects such as party whistles and duck calls in his exhaust pipes) to deliver something a little more… serious for his fans, and we are actually kind of excited about it.

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He bought a new car. Well, basically, a giant Corvette go kart. A 2001 C5 Corvette with little to no body panels to be exact.

Cleetus got quite a deal on the car, though, spending only $5,500 for this 6-speed manual, 32,000 mile, 5.7-liter LS1 powered beast. Of course, some burnouts had to take place before anything else. Even with its salvage title, the car runs and sounds extremely healthy. The stripped-down ‘Vette had headlights and taillights added for safety reasons, making it (surprisingly) completely street legal–at least in Nebraska anyways.

While it is surprisingly similar to the go kart Corvette that Roadkill put together, it has quite a few differences. The largest being this thing is LS-powered. The Corvette Roadkill did was a C4 and we all know that means it had, at the most, an LT powerplant. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with the Gen II LT1, we all know that there is no replacement for the LS.

As expected with Cleetus, he plans to boost it and to always keep some duck tape and zip ties on hand. He claims it is going to be “one of the coolest YouTube builds ever,” “a street, drag, and drift monster,” and is hoping for as much fan involvement with the build as possible.

The first thing he wants us fans to decide on: the car’s name. “Lady Freedom” or “Leroy”?

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