Just as the name implies, Air-Oil Separators are plumbed directly into the your vehicle’s PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system to capture any and all excess crankcase vapors and the residual oil mist from re-entering the intake tract. This is of particular issue as factory vehicles are commonly set up to vent these excess vapors and oil back into the intake manifold, leading to detonation and the forming of oil deposits in the intake and valve areas. In addition, any ethanol-enriched petroleum fuels that you may use exert more moisture during the combustion process – moisture that an Air-Oil Separator can collect.

Certainly, if your goal is high performance and reliability, this is something worth addressing, and one of the industry’s premier manufacturers of such products is Connecticut-based Moroso Performance Products, which maintains a number of Air-Oil Separators in their product catalog for a range of vehicles.

Among the offerings from Moroso includes Universal Small Body, Universal and custom fit Large Body, custom fit Small Body, and Universal units for use with vacuum pumps for a laundry list of vehicle makes and models, including production V-6 and GT Mustangs, Roush Mustangs, late model Camaros, 5.7L Dodge trucks, and more.

These units feature attractive-looking billet aluminum bodies in raw or black anodized finishes and come supplied with inlet and outlet fittings and plenty of rubber hose to plumb into your PCV system. the necessary hardware and brackets are also included as part of the kit.

The number of different options are more than we could feasibly highlight here, so be sure to click over to Moroso’s Air-Oil Separator product page to learn more about the specific unit catered to your vehicle.

For more information on Moroso Performance Products and their industry-renowned lineup of hardcore racing and high performance street products that number in the hundreds, to request a catalog, or to locate a nearby Moroso dealer, log on to moroso.com.