It is hard to beat the story of finding a classic car tucked away in barn and tale surrounding the restoring the car to its former glory. It may seem done to death these days, but barn cars still exist and sometimes they are incredibly rare models like a 1957 “Airbox” Corvette. Corvette Blogger highlighted the journey of Bill Connell and Joel Lauman as they reacted to tip about the location of a very rare ’57 Corvette. Many car lovers dream of finding a Corvette tucked away in barn and this dream can become a reality thanks to an upcoming auction hosted by Penny Worley Auctioneers. Miscellaneous engines, parts and a couple classic Corvettes from the same location where the rare “Airbox” Corvette was found, will hit the auction block in October.

Along with the classic Corvette parts, a 1962 white Corvette that is a numbers matching car will be up for sale during auction. However, this is not the only Corvette that will be for sale, others up for sale include: a red 1967 Corvette and a 1978 Official Pace Car (with low miles). For those interested in finding a period correct Corvette engine this auction will feature a variety of 427’s, 327’s and more that should help an enthusiast with their barn car fantasy. After reading the “Airbox” saga, this estate will likely showcase a host of parts representing nearly every era of the beloved American sports car.