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Classic C3 ‘Vette Burns To The Ground During Burnout Contest

By Kevin Shaw

posted on Jan 18, 2011

There’s few things that fiberglass hates more than gasoline-fueled fires. During an impromptu burnout contest, this blown and bad ass Corvette Stingray (we’re thinking late ’70’s), caught fire when a fuel line broke loose, dousing the scalding engine and quickly catching ablaze.

Fire rescue was quick on the scene, but as the big fuel pumps continued pumping out all the fuel in the tank, the gallons upon gallons of water did little to extinguish the fire. We found this video over HERE at the Tampa Bay Examiner, but we linked it below.

But the article is pretty funny, as they’ve collected several videos of cars burning to the ground because of fuel leaks. It reads, “Fuel leaks are the most dangerous problem known to the performance enthusiast, and yet they always seem to go overlooked. Especially on forced induction applications where EGT’s are typically higher, a fuel leak in the engine bay is almost always a recipe for disaster.

“Anytime you build a performance vehicle, always check for flammable fluid leaks. This can be brake fluid, power steering fluid, oil, and fuel. Keeping a watchful eye over these areas can mean the difference between disaster like we see here, or the infamy that could have been. It looks like this Corvette was off to a good start, now it’s off to the junk yard.”

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