It’s a sad sign when a long-time factory employee of Chrysler wins the lottery (with 13 other co-workers) and decides that one of his first purchases will be a Torch Red C6 Corvette. We had to laugh at the video (which refused to upload so we included a direct link here) of William Shanteau, who along with his fellow line workers who has been working on the final run of Vipers, decided to buy a shiny new Corvette.

He and 13 other Chrysler auto workers who had been down on their luck (with recent layoffs and unpaid furlough days) had been pooling their money together for various lottery tickets over the last year and a half. Finally, last month, one of those group lotto tickets won the group $25 million from the Powerball lottery. Earning each of the group $1.2 million (after taxes), William rushed out and picked up the new sports car, something he had always dreamed about. William also plans to buy his wife a new Jeep, pay off the house and put his third child through college. As for the future, William’s a union man, so he’s got paid retirement coming in another three and a half years.