Chevy’s 60-Day Vehicle Money-Back Guarantee

Money back guarantees are nothing new. Watch any kind of infomercial late at night or read the information packet that comes with just about every consumer good these days and you’ll find more money-back guarantees than you can count. But have you ever heard of such a guarantee on a car? We hadn’t either but that’s exactly what Chevrolet is offering right now. And as we found out from Autoblog, the Detroit giant is pulling out all the stops to let everyone know about it.

Following record-setting sales last year (Chevrolet sold 4.76 million vehicles to boot in 2011), Chevrolet has a new-found confidence, so much so that they’re willing to give you your money back on a brand new Chevy vehicle if you don’t absolutely love it. The money-back guarantee comes from the new Love It or Return It program.

It offers individuals who purchase a new 2012 or 2013 Chevrolet between now and September 4th a money-back guarantee if the vehicle is returned between 30 and 60 days of the purchase date with no more than 4,000 miles on it.

The fine print states that the car has to have been registered and insured since the purchase date and can’t have any more than $300 worth of damages in order to be eligible for the money-back guarantee. Even with these logistics, it’s still a pretty good offer.

In addition to the Love It or Return It program, Chevrolet is also offering “Total Confidence Pricing,” an offer in which what you see on the vehicle sale sticker is the price you pay.

Total Confidence Pricing is currently being offered through September 4th on all 2012 models with the sticker price including all current vehicle incentives.

To let everyone know about these new programs, Chevrolet has released an official press release, created a website dedicated to the new incentives and even released several new videos, one of which you can view above.

So if you’re in the market for a new Chevrolet, now seems to be the perfect time to take a serious look. After all, if you hate your car after 30 days and don’t treat it too poorly, Chevy will take it right back off your hands. Check out one of the new “Chevy Confidence” commercials below.

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