Last week LSXMAG found a Camaro5 forum member who showcased his creative skills by creating a Jack o Lantern featuring a 4th generation Camaro. With everything from Trans Am’s, Firebirds, Camaros and Corvettes carved into a gourd, it is time to give these artists a little recognition. After scouring the web we are proud to display the best efforts from these automotive enthusiasts:

Photo: Taking the time to carve the intricate grill from a C1 Corvette takes a steady hand and artistic skills. The shadows and layers make this C1 Jack O Lantern appear to drive through the pumpkin.

Photo: Camaro5 In honor of the Camaro's return to market, one Camaro5 forum member honored the 2010 model by carving the front end of the beloved modern muscle car into pumpkin.

Photo: Pontiac fanatics were not ignored during the pumpkin carving madness; one artist took the time to carve an incredibly detailed Trans Am complete with a ram air hood. It appears that the design may have been based on the 30th anniversary edition model, but it is an awesome representation of a 4th generation Pontiac F-Body.

Photo: Camaro5 Yet another Camaro5 forum member chose to celebrate the fifth generation Camaro.

Photo: It took awhile to find, but eventually we found a 1st generation Camaro carving.

Photo: Flickr Finally, one Corvette owner decided to reverse the process and decorate their Atomic Orange C6 as a Jack O Lantern. Life imitating art?