Chevy Commercial Claims Grandma is a Corvette and We Believe It

She doesn't look so innocent to us...

What does your grandma drive? Stereotypically, we could guess a boat of a Buick, older Cadillac or maybe something along the lines of a fifth-generation Pontiac LeMans. However, the little old lady in a recent commercial for Jack Carter Chevrolet up in Calgary, Alberta Canada drives exactly the opposite of those grocery-getters. She not only drives a bright Red Corvette convertible; she “is” a Corvette. Check out the commercial on, compliments of Vivia Digital Films.

The whole premise of the commercial is what its like to be a Chevy, that phenomenon some of us experience as being one with our vehicle. It’s also that same phenomenon that some of our friends just stare at us blankly when we try to explain. Nonetheless, we are proud to “be” a Chevy.

Although the commercial is only 30 seconds long, it gets the point across of what it’s like to “be” the iconic American brand. From young drivers and their fuel-savers to weathered cowboys and their trucks, the commercial covers it all. But the commercial doesn’t really hit home until we meet the little old lady at the end.

After two young kids state that they “want to be a Corvette,” grandma comes in with a wink and a smile and professes that she is a Corvette. While she may look innocent enough, the music change from smooth jazz to rock and roll at that moment and has us convinced otherwise.

Sure the commercial doesn’t include smoky burnouts, drag races or the rumble of powerful engines, but it does put a smile on your face. After all, who wouldn’t smile at the thought of a mischievous grandma tearing up the road in her sports car? It just goes to show that not all of us grow out of our trouble-making ways and if that’s what being a Chevy is all about, we hope we’re Chevys for the rest of our lives.

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