It has come in many shapes and sizes, with various powertrain combinations and even in some rare forms over the years, but one thing’s for certain; the Corvette is an American favorite. However, with all the hype lately about the 60th Anniversary Package due out next model year and the future C7 offerings, you may have forgotten that the sportscar just turned 59.

But Chevrolet certainly didn’t forget the occasion. To celebrate, the manufacturer put together a video collage of everything that’s made the car great over the years and we have it right here for your viewing pleasure.

Titled “Accelerating to the Celebration of 60 Years,” the video treats us to a 2-minute montage of vintage and modern Corvette footage. Packed full of commercials, cruises, races and much, much more, the video is the perfect tribute to nearly 60 years, and the rock music used in the compilation isn’t bad either.

The Corvette has had an amazing run from a hand-built 1953 model in Apollo White to the most potent Chevy ever built with the modern ZR1. Here’s to another amazing 60 years!