Chevrolet Speedometers Through The Ages

There are many aspects of our automobiles that we don’t pay much attention to, or take for granted. The air ducts, for example, are rarely examined, even though they provide a crucial function. Same with door handles, or rearview mirrors. But perhaps the most often-ignored part of the car is one we actually look at a lot; the speedometer.International designer Christian Annyas put together this post of Chevrolet speedometers through the ages, starting with the ‘41 Chevy pickup, and ending with the 2011 Chevrolet Sonic compact.

If you ask us, the most fun speedometers are the first three, all from ‘40’s Chevy trucks. There are of course many of the Chevy staples past and present, including the ‘56 Bel Air, ‘67 Camaro, and 2003 Corvette. But there are also some outliers, like the 2000 Chevy Venture van, or the 1960 Viking pickup. Some of the sportiest-looking speedometers came from non-sporty cars though, like the Cobalt and HHR. Odd, ain’t it?

And while you can see hints of relations between the speedometer, most of them are pretty different from each other. Our favorite has got to be the ‘49 Chevy pickup (top of post) with its almost cartoon-like numbers. We wouldn’t mind a comeback of that style of speedometer, though we won’t hold our breath either. Which of these speed indicators did you like best?

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