Chevrolet Recognized for Two Best Selling Sports Cars in 2011

The competition between the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro is ingrained in the automotive world. Whether it’s a classic first-gen match-up or a fight among modern offerings for the highest power numbers, the two American muscle cars have one of the biggest automotive rivalries known to automotive enthusiasts.

Fortunately, numbers do a lot of talking for the clashing models and it seems that Chevrolet has once again pulled a punch on Ford. According to The Detroit News, the Camaro has taken the title of best selling sports car for a second year in a row.

There is no doubt that the modern Camaro is a popular vehicle. Steeped in muscle car tradition, the Camaro now has everyone from fuel-conscious, daily use drivers to sports car fans and speed junkies buying it. Just the same, the modern Mustang is also a very popular car among several classifications of drivers.

Drive around any metropolitan area and chances are you’ll see at least one of each of these models.However, you might not realize just how popular each car is until you hear the year’s sales numbers.

2011 didn't just bring the convertible model to the Camaro lineup, it also brought another year of the Synergy Edition cars and the '69 Pace Car-inspired Camaro

In 2011 alone, Chevrolet sold 88,249 Camaros, not to be outdone by Ford, which sold 70,438 Mustangs. With these numbers, the Camaro achieved a 37 percent market share holding while Ford achieved a 29 percent market share. Rounding out the top five market share holders for 2011 in the sports car class was the Dodge Challenger at 16 percent, the Honda CR-Z at five percent, and the Hyundai Veloster at 4 percent.

The Camaro wasn’t the only Chevy to have best-selling numbers in 2011, however. The Corvette also achieved best-selling status in the luxury sports car market with a 28 percent market share, followed by the Porsche 911 with a market share of 13 percent.

Together, the Camaro and Corvette account for one in every three sports cars sold in the country, giving Chevrolet the recent title of top performance brand in the U.S for 2011.

Love it or hate it, Chevrolet is making their mark with models to beat and the competition is only going to get crazier with the 2012 release of the ZL1 and the 2014 release of the C7 Corvette.

While we’re sure the introduction of the new Mustang GT500 will take away some business from the Camaro, and other manufacturers will be fighting to take the Corvette’s title of best selling luxury sports car, we’re confident that Chevy will remain a front-runner in the automotive market. Another happy day in Chevy land!

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