Check Out This Rare 1970 Corvette LS5 Barn Find

Image Source: eBay

Nowadays, it’s a known fact that you can find just about anything automotive on eBay or Craigslist. A lot of the time, sellers know what they’re selling, and sometimes they know nothing about what they’re selling.

That’s not the case here – the seller knows what he’s got and wants a specific price. The car we’re talking about is a rare, original, non-operational 1970 Corvette LS5. With a healthy 454 under the hood, the LS5 corvette produced a stout 390 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque with a compression ratio of 10.25:1.

In 1970, there were 17,316 Corvettes produced, which made 1970 the lowest production year since 1962, however, only 4,473 of those were LS5 Corvettes. Unfortunately, the eBay listing for this Corvette has ended, but with zero bids – we have a feeling that the seller will put it back up because of it’s rarity – or who knows, maybe they won’t?

The listing, however, is pretty vague. There are no mentions of options the car came with from the factory, but there are plenty of pictures of the car before and after it was pulled out of the shed/barn that it was in. “The engine was taken out went to the machine shop came back but never made it back into the car. I have collected up all the parts and it appears that all major parts are here and accounted for and that they are the ones that left the factory with this car,” the seller stated. 

Yeah, the seller has bad grammar, but we get the gist of what they’re trying to say. Bargain or not, this Donnybrooke Grean Corvette LS5 would need a lot of labor and TLC upon purchase.

Do you think this is a good deal? Check out the eBay listing and let us know in the comments below!

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