Check Out This Amazing Speed Painting of a Classic Sting Ray

High rates of speed are nothing new to the Corvette, but we recently found a video on YouTube that takes the combination of the famed Chevy model and speed in a whole new direction. We’re talking about speed painting and an artist by the name of Ben Ayilara has perfected the art. While we’re sure the Corvette artwork featured here took hours of time to complete in all reality, it’s neat to watch the Sting Ray convertible Ayilara creates come together in only a matter of minutes. Check it out above and watch the C2 Corvette come to life before your very eyes.

We’ve featured quite a few time lapse videos here on CorvetteOnline and on our sister sites, but none of them have been quite like this one. Instead of an event being portrayed, such as a race, the SEMA Show, or even the ZR1 engine build we showed you earlier this month, this video features the painting of a ‘66 Corvette in Photoshop from a basic sketch to the finished product.

While Photoshop is known better for photo retouching than painting, Ayilara manipulates his artwork so well that you won’t believe your eyes. In fact, he takes just a basic pencil sketch of a Sting Ray and turns it into a painting so lifelike, it even portrays the correct fashion in which light would reflect off the body lines of the car in real life. Just watch the way Ayilara perfects even the slightest details on the window molding, windshield wipers and lights of the Corvette to see just how amazing of an artist he is.

Now, skills like Ayilara’s obviously take time to evolve, so we were expecting to find the story of an artist that had been through some serious art school training in our search. However, what we found was an incredibly talented 14-year-old boy from Moldova (an Eastern European state located between Romania and Ukraine). Yes, that’s right, Ben Ayilara is only 14 and this Corvette isn’t the only amazing piece of artwork he’s created.

Ayilara makes painting in Photoshop painting look like child's play...

Ayilara’s other pieces include paintings of celebrities and fantasy characters, some of which can be found on his website and blog, as well has hand sketches. Ayilara has also uploaded a handful of speed painting videos to YouTube where you can characters like Michael Jackson and Spiderman come to life in only minutes.

Ayilara’s talent is absolutely amazing and design studios should be keeping an eye out for him. We’re pretty sure that Ayilara will be well-known in the art community in the future and we may just see his talents transfer to movie scenes because his work is so amazing. But for the meantime, hit play above and watch the unbelievable talents of a 14-year-old create a classic Corvette in minutes.

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