If you’re one of those lucky souls to live in a state with a front license plate requirement, like Massachusetts, where I live, you know just how mad it makes you to have to strap a tag onto the front of your hotrod. Not only does it destroy the front bumper of your car most of the time due to the holes required for mounting – it ruins the lines of your machine and just generally looks like garbage.

We’ve seen custom brackets from a number of outlets in the past, but from the factory you get a couple of plastic speed-nuts stuffed into the bumper holes with some galvanized steel screws. And that assumes you manage to get the car home from the dealership without the bumper punched out in the first place. Finally, the dudes over at Chevy took that into account with their redesign of the 2014 ‘Vette with an innovative new bracket that has a quick-release style design for removal.

Now, if you’re a show-goer, cleaning up the front of your machine is done in a snap, and if you’re a racer-type, opening the grille back up to promote airflow will be a big help on track days. In this video, CorvetteBlogger.com questions Corvette Exterior Program Design Manager Kirk Bennion about the new bracket and it’s installation process. He points out that even with the bracket on the car, its contours were designed to help funnel airflow into the grille openings surrounding it.  It’s about time one of the geniuses in Detroit came up with a deal like this, isn’t it?