Check Out the Awesome Greek Korres Project 4 Supercar – With an LS7!


When Greek architect-inventor Dimitris Korres decided to design and build a supercar called the Korres Project 4, since Greece isn’t exactly a hotbed of automotive innovation, he needed to source a powerplant. Where else to look except toward America, where the Corvette’s 505-horse Z06 LS7 engine can be had for a song and a dance? By choosing to use an already-developed engine, he took the R&D costs out of what is traditionally the most expensive portion of automotive engineering.

As the car is still a pre-production version, there are still some design elements being sorted out, and the car does not wear the final body at this time. However, the suspension design is in fact a brand-new patented setup that has a focus on performing in all conditions – on track, off-road, and on the street. The unique vehicle has been planned to add a rear seat and larger chassis in the future, and currently weighs in at only 1,600 pounds, giving it an awesome power-to-weight ratio of 3.17 pounds-per-cube. This enables the four-wheel-drive machine to hit 0-100 km/h in under 4 seconds and gives it a top speed of 300 km/h with the standard gearing. But that’s not all – the custom six-speed transmission has three “escalations,” meaning that the car has a theoretical top speed of 600-plus km/h.

With 33-percent of the drive power going to the front wheels and 67-percent to the rear, we can only imagine that sitting in the pilot’s seat feels akin to driving a slot car. The suspension itself can articulate a massive amount, but since our Greek isn’t up to speed we had a difficult time figuring out exactly how much – we did learn that the suspension absorbs bumps without any reported disturbances in the cabin of the car. An ambitious effort, and if it is successful 50 cars are planned for production at this time. Hit the link for a ton more photos – and plenty of Greek.


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