Check Out Forgeline’s Awesome ZX3P Wheels

When it comes to forged aluminum wheels of the 6061-T6 variety, Forgeline Motorsports does their best to hover around the top of the food chain by applying their racing experience to everything they build. Computer simulated Finite Element Analysis is used to engineer every wheel design, ensuring that the wheels are strong where they need to be and light where they can be. Each Forgeline wheel is forged on a 6000-ton hydraulic press, which helps to align the grain structure of the aluminum and reduce porosity, and testing has shown their forgings are 40 percent stronger than cast aluminum.

The stunning ZX3P three-piece wheel has forged 6061-T6 centers, heat-treated 6061-T6 spun rim halves, stainless ARP fasteners, and offers generous brake clearance thanks to the low-profile wheel barrel. You get the choice of a powdercoated or chrome center and your choice of a polished, powdercoated, or chromed lip – making these truly a custom wheel that is designed to your specifications.

Each of Forgeline’s wheels is built to order, meaning that they can also accommodate special custom offsets for your custom vehicle. This particular model shown was built especially for the folks at Petty’s Garage, and features Forgeline’s Transparent Smoke powdercoat and a custom-machined set of Petty’s Garage centercaps.  You can see from the lead photo that they can accommodate just about any style of finish you’d like to have on your hot rod and they even offer a hidden-hardware option.

These bad boys are available in sizes from 18×7.5-inch all the way up to an immense 22×13-inch roller, and Forgeline’s legendary customer service comes along with your purchase. If you truly want to step up to the plate and be a baller, these are the wheels for you. Check them out at

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