Many of you remember the 1970s TV series, Charlie’s Angels. While this series was a bit before my, and I’m sure some of your, time, the concept of beautiful women solving crimes for “Charlie” is a familiar one thanks to movies and remakes. With the fall TV season just starting, another remake of the iconic series is set to debut. Thanks to a video posted by CorvetteBlogger, we can all get a glimpse of what the new series is set to bring. And don’t you worry, the girls aren’t going to be the only pretty things to look at.

So why as a Corvette magazine do we care about the latest Charlie’s Angels? Well, as the video clip from CorvetteBlogger shows, the ZR1 is being featured as the car of choice in the latest teaser commercial for the series. So, not only do you get three beautiful women to look at, you also get them driving a Corvette ZR1.

We don’t know which girl is driving the Corvette in the promo but we hope that the ZR1 joins the leading ladies in a number of their missions. While there are mixed ideas on if the show will be worth watching, we’ll give it a shot since they do use a 638 HP Corvette. How can it go wrong?

If you’re interested in catching the debut of Charlie’s Angels, it is set to air Thursday night on ABC at 8 p.m., 7 p.m. central time.