Cha-Ching! Behold The 2018 Mid-Engine Corvette


Pics Courtesy Autoblog

Ah yeah…Check out the latest pics of what is allegedly the mid-engine Corvette we’ve been waiting on for decades. Caught in weather these cars will be cloistered away from in real life, the prototype looks lithe and rakish with a hint of old school Acura NSX. Our friends over at AutoBlog bring us the story.

We also get a peek of said mid-engine mule smack dab next to a C7 ZR1 prototype and the design differences are readily apparent. While the sight of a new GM supercar alongside the C7 is titillating indeed, after seeing this mule, we think GM Design Chief Michael Simcoe will have to earn his keep in grafting 65 years of Corvette heritage cues onto a blueprint the enforces hard styling points, aka cab forward windshield, lower cowl, smaller greenhouse etc.


Pics Courtesy Autoblog

The prototype looks smaller than the current C7 and with all the weight saving tech going on at GM–see Sixth Gen Camaro–expect this thing to be a relative featherweight. Combine low weight, (3000 pounds?) and the rumored big horsepower DOHC V8 and it looks like the Ford GT has a fight on it’s hands.

With Bowling Green doubling in size, GM is aiming to be the leading purveyor of high performance cars the world over. Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Audi should should be paying very close attention.

We still have problems with the premature death of the C7 and the front engine, rear wheel drive platform altogether though. There is a part of us here at Corvette Online that hopes it is really just a Cadillac and we can all live in harmony…

Now, about those folks at the airport.


Pics Courtesy Autoblog

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