With 638 horsepower coming from its supercharged LS9, the Corvette ZR1 was the ultimate expression of performance from General Motors. With C6 Corvette production over though, there are no new ZR1s hitting the street anytime soon. Now officially a collectible, that hasn’t stopped many ZR1 owners from taking their race-inspired rides to local tracks and racing events.

At the Michigan Mile this weekend, Jalopnik reports that one Corvette ZR1 owner may have gotten a little too enthusiastic about his top speed. What began as celebratory burnout turned into a case of crashed Corvette as the driver lost control, smashing into a nearby vehicle. Insert the “sad trombone” sound in your head at this point… 

According to Jalopnik’s people on the ground, the Corvette ZR1 had just run a successful pass down the standing-mile when he came back to the crew area to celebrate and rev up the crowd. But the burnout carried him onto the lower-quality pavement of the airstrip’s taxi area, and when he shifted mid-burnout, he lost control of the Corvette, smashing into a nearby vehicle. As you can see from the above video, the driver seemed able to control his burnouts earlier in the day; sometimes an unexpected change in surface can really throw you for a loop.

The damage to the Corvette appears pretty intense, but isn’t beyond fixing. There’s a lot of busted fiberglass, and the aluminum chassis could be damaged too. But with a MSRP north of $100,000, these minor body repairs are nothing compared to the cost of buying a new ZR1. It will be fixed and hopefully back on the track soon.