For those in love with all things Corvette, the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show brings out some the finest examples of classic Corvettes along with debuting some of the latest and greatest from GM. Corvette Blogger reported on their first in-person sighting of the newest blue hue to grace the Corvette family, Carlisle Blue. A 2012 Grand Sport convertible was parked at the GM booth for the weekend event, along with a host of 2012 Corvettes in various trims. However, the new light blue shade attracted plenty of attention from attendees, but there appears to be no middle ground for this color.

The chameleon-like color showed tones of silver when exposed to direct sunlight; the color is nicely complimented by the addition of the blue convertible top, which seems to highlight the blue tones in this multifaceted color. With the addition of the polished wheels the color seems to pop, but when paired with the competition grey wheels the overall effect seems muted. Love it or it hate, Carlisle Blue will be around for the 2012 model year.