Carlisle Blue 2012 Corvettes Begin to Arrive at Dealerships

Carlisle Blue, a new paint color for the 2012 Corvette, made its debut at the NCM C5/C6 Bash. Recently, a Corvette painted in this color was seen making its way to a Chevrolet dealership’s lot. Thanks to Keith Cornett from CorvetteBlogger for bringing us the news of this neat sighting.

Images of the car were posted on the Corvette Forum by the dealership that received the Corvette in the new color scheme. Pictures show the Corvette Grand Sport still attached to the car hauler before it, and the rest of the Chevrolets on the hauler, were unloaded at Les Stanford Chevrolet in Dearborn, Michigan. The dealership definitely knew the significance of the new arrival and thought the Corvette community might like to share in their excitement to be receiving a Corvette in a new paint color.

There is much discussion about the color on the Corvette Forum and CorvetteBlogger. The new color is definitely of the pastel variety – something most Corvette enthusiasts wouldn’t immediately pin as a Corvette-esque color. However, because the shade is rather different than any Corvette color we’ve seen in the last few years, Carlisle Blue may prove to be a sought after hue. Whether you’re a fan of the powder blue paint color or not, you can respect the significance of Corvettes now arriving to dealerships with the new 2012 paint scheme.

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