Car Transporter “Borrows” Corvette, Obviously Gets Caught

vette-arrest-1There are some jobs out there where temptation stares you in the face every day. Imagine, for example, being an armored car security guard charged with hauling hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash on a daily basis. How about the temptation truck haulers face, who are sometimes responsible for millions of dollars in automobiles on a single trip? How many of us could resist the temptation of spinning the tires of a shiny new Corvette after unloading one for the thousandth time?

vette-arrest-2The temptation proved too much for one trucker. Your Houston News reports that Ronald Francis Kelly, 49, of Sebring, Florida, was caught by police and charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle for driving a 2011 Chevy Corvette with a lady friend on board.

It happened during a two-day layover for Kelly, who was apparently bored waiting for the rest of his load to arrive. So he called up his girlfriend and took a customer’s 2011 Corvette out for a spin on New Years Day. But police pulled Kelly over for an unspecified traffic violation, and found that his name didn’t match the name on the Corvette’s registration.

Police called the trucking company and the Corvette’s owner to confirm Kelly’s story, and while they confirmed he was indeed an auto transport specialist, he was only authorized to load and unload the Corvette. The owner pressed charges, and Kelly was held with a $20,000 bond for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

It’s easy to feel bad for Kelly, but just imagine it was your vehicle some strange trucker was driving around in with his girlfriend, doing who-knows what. It’s the kind of temptation not everyone is strong enough to resist though, and who are we to say we might not have done the very same thing… but a bit more carefully. We hope.

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