Canadian Hotties In High Heels Perform Pit Stop For Corvette Racing

This past weekend saw Corvette Racing sitting once again on the podium after a hard-fought race at the Grand Prix at Mosport. But like any good racing outfit, before heading to the race itself Corvette Racing took some time out with the fans and stopped over at the Canada AM television show studio in Toronto to give two cute Canadian reporters a chance to join their pit crew.

Corvetteblogger came across this video (which we unfortunately cannot embed, so you’ll have to watch it on CTV’s website) of CTV hosts Marci Ien and Marcia MacMillan donning fire suits and high heels as they give changing the tires of a Corvette C6.R a try.

Corvette Racing ambassador Ron Fellows was on hand to explain how the pit stops go and what American Le Mans Racing is all about. For example, did you know that ALMS cars use just a single bolt to keep the racing wheels on? It makes taking wheels on and off a lot quicker, with tire changes taking all of eight seconds… unless your pit crew consists of two Canadian women in heels.

This was hardly the fastest pit stop ever, though Marci Ien, working the front wheel, had a much easier go at it then her co-host Marcia. The blond Canadian seemed worried about the car falling on her foot, while Marci was eager to get the next wheel on. It’s all rather entertaining, and makes us wonder; would pit stops be more interesting if it was all hot babes instead of sweaty dudes? Kind of like cheerleaders, but you know, useful.

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