When purple and gold are combined for a color theme, most people would assume it is some sort of tribute to the Los Angeles Lakers or the owner has hereditary color-blindness. At the Chowderhead Show (no, we’re not sure just what that is either…) on July 17th a third generation Corvette drew plenty of attention from attendees thanks to the eye catching combination of white, with purple and gold accents. Customizing a car allows the owner to create their personal interpretation of what the ideal standard should be. This owner refused to cut corners with this project, and no aspect of the Corvette was ignored or could avoid the unique touches; despite the clear emphasis on looks, this ‘Vette is able to destroy a set of rear tires as evidenced by the excessive burnout.

Pin striping was applied to the purple flip-up headlights and to the front end, which seemed to hint at the owner’s appreciation for the retro look. Again, the gold and purple accents were used throughout the entire interior and followed into the engine compartment. Tucked between the front fenders is a 502 engine topped off with very large and unsubtle blower. From the video it seems unlikely the golden valve covers, carburetors and miscellaneous vanity additions were treated to run of the mill spray paint; more than likely these items were or coated or plated. Purple paint and anodization covered many of the other fittings and pulleys. Regardless of your personal opinion on this “unique” Corvette, the blown 502 seems to make up for some questionable taste.