Camaro SSX and Corvette Z06X – Track Ready and Deadly Serious

Yesterday, we gave you a sneak peek at GM’s new X-cars – track-prepared Corvettes and Camaros that bridge the gap between street-driven vehicles and purpose-built racecars. Today, we can show you all the details of these two drool-worthy concept vehicles.

The Z06X starts life as a production Z06 with the 1LZ equipment package, the Z07 performance package, and the CFZ carbon fiber package. It’s the lightest production Corvette setup, and has carbon ceramic brakes, magnetic ride control, and aero enhancements including a front splitter. The X concept adds a carbon fiber rear wing, polycarbonate rear window, coil-over struts with camber plates, plus safety items including a cage, racing seat, harnesses, and a fire suppression system. Chevrolet teamed with Pratt and Miller, partners in Corvette Racing in the American LeMans Series, to create this Z06X track car concept.

Power is from the tried and true LS7, but removal of sound deadening material, carpeting, and the stereo offset the weight gain from the added safety equipment, keeping straight-line performance much the same as the road-going Z06.


  • Low-gloss Icy White Metallic color with exposed carbon fiber and red accents
  • 2011 CFZ-option carbon fiber package, including splitter and rockers
  • Adjustable carbon fiber wing
  • ZR1 carbon fiber roof panel and B-pillar panels
  • Carbon fiber raised hood (from the Z06 Carbon Limited Edition)
  • Carbon fiber headlamp housings from Specter Werkes/Sports
  • Weight-saving and shatter-resistant polycarbonate rear window


  • Base Z06 1LZ trim
  • Radio, carpeting and sound-deadening material removed
  • SCCA-spec roll cage
  • SCCA-approved window net
  • Racing seat with five-point safety harness
  • Fire suppression system
  • Driver’s drink system
  • Video camera system mounted on the roll cage
  • Genuine Corvette Accessory racing pedal kit


  • LS7 7.0L V-8 engine and Tremec six-speed manual transmission
  • Low-restriction air intake system
  • High-capacity radiator and enhanced cooling system
  • New-for-2011 Z07 Performance Package, feature Brembo carbon ceramic brake rotors and special brake pads
  • Lightweight racing wheels in black; 19-inch (front) and 20-inch (rear)
  • Michelin racing tires
  • Mono-ball control arm bushing
  • Adjustable stabilizer bars
  • Coil-over struts with adjustable camber plates

The SSX concept car was constructed with input from Pratt and Miller as well, and Riley Technologies using parts proven in the Grand Am racing series. Emphasis was placed on weight reduction, with carbon fiber body panels and the elimination of the majority of sound deadening materials, removal of the carpet, and a rear seat delete. The SSX gets safety and track-prep enhancements similar to those on the Z06X,  as well as carbon fiber aero parts like the adjustable rear wing and front splitter, a revised lower grille, and unique brake cooling ducts.

Unlike the Z06X, which makes due with “only” the stock LS7, the SSX gets some significant work to the production LS3 powerplant, with a revised cam, upgraded heads, and a dry-sump oiling system.


  • Icy White Metallic color with red accents and door graphics
  • Carbon fiber hood, fenders, door and deck lid
  • Exposed carbon fiber front splitter, rockers and adjustable rear wing
  • Unique lower grille and brake ducts


  • Carpeting, sound deadener and rear seat deleted
  • Ace suede-covered racing steering wheel and shifter
  • SCCA-approved roll cage and window net
  • Racing driver’s seat with five-point harness
  • Racing pedals
  • Fire suppression system
  • Fuel cell
  • Video camera system mounted on the roll cage


  • LS3 6.2L V-8 enhanced with Chevrolet Performance Parts’ camshaft, cylinder heads and dry-sump oiling system
  • Production six-speed manual transmission with Corvette ZR1 twin-disc clutch
  • Low-restriction air induction and exhaust systems
  • Four-wheel disc racing brake system with six-piston front/four-piston rear calipers and drilled and slotted rotors
  • Modified production suspension with Pfadt licensed components
  • 20-inch racing wheels and tires

Both cars are currently just concepts, albeit very complete and well-thought-out ones, rather than something you could go out and buy tomorrow. But who knows? If the reaction is positive enough, perhaps Chevy can be persuaded to add the SSX and Z06X to the GM Performance Parts catalog as turnkey race cars.

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