Callaway Unveils New Kids’ Trailer for 2014 C7 Corvette Wagon

Callaway-wagonWhile it is still a few months before you can buy an all-new, 2014 Corvette C7, aftermarket shops and enthusiasts are already gearing up for an influx of orders and modifications. This includes Callaway Cars, which a couple of weeks ago teased Corvette fans with their C21 Corvette wagon conversion. It looks awesome, and even better, Callaway may make and sell these kits.

But as practical as a Corvette wagon is, it still only holds two people. What about the Corvette fan with a family? Well Callaway has another solution; the AeroWagonette, a seating solution that can hold up to three children in precious isolation, giving mom and dad some well-deserved quiet time.

Is this just an April Fools joke? We hope not, as Corvette fans have been flummoxed about what to do with their brood of bratty children for decades. You can’t just leave them unattended at home until they reach double digits at least. But the AeroWagonette lets you bring the kids along for rides of up to 200 MPH. Crazy? You mean crazy awesome!

But that’s not the only cool feature; according to the press release, a Segway-inspired self-balancing system lets the AeroWagonette be disconnected at will and continue upright (albeit without steering) on its own. Also, the Corvette driver can, at any time, activate 14 on-board airbags to preserve (or punish) his next-of-kin.

…really though, somebody needs to make this happen. Parents everywhere will rejoice.

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