Image Source: CorvetteBlogger

With the GT Convergence out of the way, Callaway finally got the thumbs up to resume development of their C7 GT3 racer – we have a feeling that it’s going to dominate on the racetrack. With the success of the Corvette Racing C7.Rs using LS7-based 5.5L engines, we can only imagine how great Callaway’s C7 GT3 racer will perform out on the track.

Image Source: APP Racing

We’re happy to say that the new LT1 engine will be powering the new GT3 racer – the LT1 has so much potential to make power and achieve better fuel economy with its direct injection system. APP Racing is still in the development stages with the LT1-R engine for the C7 GT3 racer, but it looks like they’re off to an awesome start.

As we talked about earlier, the GT Convergence was the only thing holding back the development of Callaway’s GT3 racer. “However, the project was put on hold at the end of last year due to the emerging new GT regulations, as a common chassis between ‘GT+’ and ‘GT’ would have meant that Pratt & Miller would most likely built the chassis,” reported.

This photo shows the difference between the outgoing LS3R engine (right) and the new LT1-R engine (left). Both engines were built by APP Racing

Now that development has resumed, also reports that “with the initial timeframe of getting the car ready for the 2015 Balance of Performance test at Michelin’s Ladoux track in September now out of the window, the team is aiming to complete an extensive testing program next year before entering the car in competition in 2016.”

We really can’t wait to see Callaway’s C7 GT3 racer out on the racetrack in motion as well as in an actual race – these cars are going to be monsters!