Callaway Completes First Supercharged 427 Convertible Build

For Chevy fans, the name Callaway means one thing; crazy road-worthy performance backed by unique styling, and for Corvette owners that can be had in a variety of ways, including on a brand new 2013 427 Convertible. While the model made its debut just recently, Callaway is already working hard to up the ante for the new Corvette owners and has just finished their first Callaway build on one, according to CorvetteBlogger. And man, does it look impressive.

Chevrolet boasts a whopping 505 horsepower out of the 427 Convertible, but that’s nothing compared to the power you’ll get with the Callaway version. Equipped with Callaway’s SC652 supercharger, the 427 LS7 hums to the tune of 652 HP at 6,700 RPM and produces 620 foot-pounds of torque at 4,400 RPM. That’s 14 more horsepower and 16 ft-lbs more of torque than the 2013 ZR1.

The first build of this model was done for new 427 Convertible owner Greg Lotko, who opted for the 60th Anniversary package, as well as the Engine Build Experience for his car. After the engine build was completed in April and the car was assembled in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the convertible was shipped off to Callaway Cars in Old Lyme, Connecticut for its potent makeover.

The Callaway build resulted in an amazing car. Maintaining its 60th Anniversary paint scheme with full-body racing stripes, the only clue to what is concealed inside the Corvette is the modified hood and a few Callaway logos. For more pictures and information on the car, be sure to check out the full write-up at

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