C7 Stingrays Ship Today

BowlingGreenCorvetteDelivery05-mediumChristmas is coming early for Corvette fans – the 2014 C7 Stingray begins shipping today, with production cars leaving the plant even as you read this. “It’s an amazing sight to see the transporters filled with Stingrays heading to customers in all corners of the country,” said Dave Tatman, plant manager of General Motors’ Bowling Green Assembly plant. “The pride at Bowling Green is overwhelming and it shows in the tremendous quality and attention to detail going into each one of these new Corvettes.”

So far, approximately 1,000 cars have been produced, and GM says that they may be shipped out of their build sequence, calling it “a normal part of any new vehicle launch.” Cars should be arriving at their destinations in the next few weeks, and many dealerships are likely to want to use the new Corvettes as traffic-builders for their showrooms. That brings up an interesting question – we’re guessing that the majority of those Corvettes are already spoken for, and buyers who have been waiting for months since they ordered up their car probably will be eager to take possession and won’t want to let the dealer hang on to their car for a few days.


Regardless, keep an eye out for transporters chock full of new Corvettes headed your way, and if you’re one of the lucky few who gets his or her new car in the next few days, let us know about it (and whether you let the dealer keep it around for a bit as eye candy or not!)

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