C7 Stingray Road Test Takes on 911 Carerra S

Since its inception, the C7 Stingray has been designed, engineered, and built with the intention of taking on the world’s finest sports cars with utter disregard to their price or reputation. In TopGear’s recent torture test, the crew took Porsche’s latest 911 Carrera S along with a hot-off-the-press C7 Stingray to one of the UK’s most treacherous sections of highway, the Kirkstone Pass. Armed with nothing more than in-car GPS and iron nerves, these brave drivers set out in dangerous wet conditions to see which country, or car rather, would reign supreme. 

With the 911’s overwhelmingly positive reputation for sophistication and razor sharp handling, the C7 has had to face strong adversity in its quest to break free from the straight line racer stereotype and move into the upper-echelon of confidence inspiring road cars. On the surface, both vehicles were praised for their drastically different, yet stunningly good looks that represent two very different ways of designing a modern sports car. Equipped with a 460 hp V8 and a price tag that is nearly $20,000 less than the 400 hp 911, the Stingray received acclaim for its brute power and auditory transcendence that begged to be heard. Earning an honorary mention was both vehicles ability to achieve remarkably good fuel economy considering their displacement and performance capabilities.    

The C7 Stingray takes on the Porsche Carrera S

While both cars received recognition for their cabin feel, fade free brakes and their ability to instill confidence in the driver, there can only be one winner in any head-to-head battle. In this case, the 911 ever so slightly edged out the Stingray in its refinement and ability to connect man and machine. Now, before bowtie enthusiasts decide to bombard the TopGear offices with hate-mail for their historically critical opinions of the American icon that is Corvette, TopGear did make one thing very clear: the Corvette has matured into a vehicle that deserves to be in the top tier of sports cars. No longer should enthusiasts see the Corvette as “good for the price”, but rather, a great all around machine for any type of driving.

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