C7 Pricing Announced for Overseas Corvette Buyers


  • Croatia, France, Germany: €69,990
  • Italy: € 70,990
  • Spain: € 79,990
  • United Kingdom: £61,495

When we announced the that the 2014 Stingray would sticker for around $60,000, many enthusiasts seemed surprised that such a magnificent machine would cost so little, while others think the Corvette should fetch the same sort of pricing as say, a fully-loaded Camaro SS. We can only dream.

But now we have the official pricing for the European-spec C7, and it seems we don’t have it so bad, after all. According to the report we heard from our friends over at Car Scoops, the Stingray being sold in places like the UK and Germany can expect to carry a sticker price of as much as $96,000 (US). Yikes.

However, these cars are already equipped with the C7’s Z51 package as standard – that includes upgraded wheels, tires, brakes, the low-restriction exhaust giving an additional 5 horsepower, the magnetic ride control, and performance traction management. It sort of has to be sold that way, though. If you watch enough episodes of Top Gear UK, the Brits and other Europeans seem hard to please with their Porsches, Ferraris, and Lambos, so any expensive import from the US will have to carry a high level of standard kit.

Corvette-Stingray-0001-1It also has to do more than hold its own against those incredible and incredibly overpriced machines, too. Keep in mind that the people who buy Lamborghinis and Ferraris aren’t necessarily value-conscious shoppers, being more concerned with bragging rights. To get them to even entertain the idea of purchasing America’s own bad boy takes a lot of swaying. Hopefully, Chevrolet can put a dent in the European sports car segment market share with the C7.

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