C7 Owners: Invest In Wheel Locks – They Are Your Friend

Image Source: CorvetteForum.com

When we see a picture like this, which was brought to our attention by our good friends at CorvetteBlogger.com, it’s pretty heartbreaking. Not only would it suck to be in that situation, but it would suck to have to purchase a new set of wheels and fix any body damage caused in the vandalization.

This non-Z51 C7 Stingray from Florida, unfortunately, fell victim to thieves and was left with lug nuts scattered everywhere, balancing on a couple of rocks – that’s just not right. As you can see, The ‘Vette was in a pretty well-lit area as well and that just goes to show that thieves can and will strike anywhere at any time.

While there’s no way to completely prevent a determined thief, deterrence can help encourage them to move on to an easier target. The best advice we can relay to Stingray owners, and generally, any other automotive enthusiast, is to invest in a set of wheel locks. While previous generations of Corvettes came with them standard, amazingly, the new C7 does not. There are many different choices of wheel lock sets to choose from at various auto parts stores, or they can be obtained directly from the dealership where the vehicle was purchased.

Image Source: Corvette Central

If you have a C7 and wish to invest in wheel locks, GM’s part number is #19211919 – they should fit a C6 Corvette as well, but always check before purchasing. Corvette Central has a set of 2013 wheel locks also, so check those out if you’d like.

It’s nice to have assurance that your investment is safe, so please, invest in a set of wheel locks – we don’t want to see anymore heartbreaking photos like this. Looking at the brighter side of things, the owner gets the chance to upgrade their ‘Vette from the non-Z51 wheels to something more personalized.

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