C7 Corvette to Appear in Transformers 4

Now that it’s become well known that there will be a fourth installment of Transformers franchise, details about some of the cars that we’ll be seeing in the next film are beginning to surface. According to Yahoo Movies UK, Optimus Prime is getting a complete, customized makeover and we’ll be seeing at least two new Autobots, both of undisclosed names as of this writing.

Whether or not Bumblebee will return in his 5th-Gen Camaro guise is unknown, although we do know for sure that a C7 Corvette and a Bugatti Veyron GS Vitesse will be starring along side of ‘Prime. It’s too soon to know if theses new characters/cars will be acting as replacements for the previous “stars,” or if they’ll become welcome additions to the set.

Either way, seeing a legit C7 (and not that hideous concept car from the last film) making an appearance in this movie is a welcome change. We can only assume that the C7s used were pre-production examples sourced from GM, and that they have been left relatively stock apart form their lime green paint jobs, rear wing, and side rocker panels.

The three vehicles were spotted filming in the Monument Valley on the Arizona/Utah border. With a Veyron Vitesse carrying a $2.5M price tag, we sort of have to wonder what kind of budget the film has – even though the “Bugattis” used are more than likely very convincing kit cars. We’ll find out soon enough.

Optimus Prime is getting a complete makeover, while we're going to see at least two new characters with the Veyron and the Stingray.

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