C7 Corvette Rendering Roundup

When GM went fiscally sideways last year, a lot of projects were put on the shelf. Performance vehicles were especially effected as executives sought to appease their government saviors with fuel-efficient vehicles. Thus the Corvette, which is about due for a redesign, has had to ride out the C6 chassis a bit longer than originally anticipated.

Progress has been made though. According to a recent report in Motor Trend’s print magazine, the C7 Corvette body is a done deal – what will become the next gen Corvette has been decided, though we have no idea when we’ll actually get to see production composite. That caused us to reflect on the flurry of recent C7 renderings, and we decided to go back and pick out our favorites.

Without a doubt, our favorite could-be C7 Corvette is the “ Centennial” concept, perhaps better known as Sideswipe from the last Transformers movie. There is good reason to believe the next Corvette could look like Sideswipe. First, it came from GM’s own design studio, and while it is strictly a concept car, GM did patent the Stingray name. An actual production car would be impractical, but the low body, sharp shape, and split-window is just the right combination of retro and futuristic that we like to see.

Then there is this rendering that made the rounds across the Internet, cultivated by the artist known only as avarvarii. The Motor Trend piece states that the next Corvette will be based on the C6 chassis, itself an evolution of the C5 body. However, the C5 and C6 are very different beasts, and we expect much of the same from the next Corvette. The rendering by avarvarii certainly looks like an evolution of the current C6, and it is a lot less radical than the Stingray.

Motor Trend’s own rendering occupies our third and final spot for being a simple, elegant evolution of the C6. Even less radical than avarvarii’s design, it has more poise and elegance than the current Corvette. It looks more European, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. The chopped roof and low body really appeal to the hot rodder side of us, though like the Stingray concept, this car looks a little less than practical (especially for us tall people).

While these may be our favorites, we’re sure you guys have your own, so sound off and let us know what you hope the next Corvette looks like.

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