With the upcoming C7 Corvette lurking on the horizon, everyone is getting a little anxious to see the first uncovered and true working model of the latest and greatest American sports car. CorvetteBlogger was fortunate to receive a few spy shots of what is assumed to be the C7 (although heavily camouflaged) on the streets of Holly, Michigan. CorvetteBlogger posted a link to TheGearPage.net, the original place where the pictures of the prototypes were originally uploaded. Out of the pack of cars seen near the infamous “proving grounds” a couple of C7 prototypes were out and about, but once the driver caught sight of the camera it was a mad dash to cover the cars up. With Z06s, a ZR1 and a 911 in the mix, it is fairly safe to assume that the drivers had a nice day putting the cars through their paces at the proving grounds.

Of course GM will remain tightlipped about the final look of the C7 until they see fit, but thanks to spy shots the audience is only getting more excited for the upcoming release. Based upon the photographer’s comments, the head of the Corvette department found his fellow coworkers hasty attempts to cover up the C7 prototypes before the paparazzi struck, to be quite amusing. As the release date gets closer and closer, the frequency of sightings is sure the increase and hopefully the quality of the images will as well. Not to say that the spy shots are not clear, but the car is still heavily cloaked that is hard to determine the subtle refinements and true shape of the car.