In December of 2013, General motors announced their plans to pull Chevrolet as a mainstream brand completely out of Europe by the end of 2015 due to a challenging business model and the European economic situation. However, GM will still be selling two of its iconic Chevrolet sports cars through Cadillac dealers throughout the continent.

The Cadillac dealers in Europe will distribute all models of the Corvette, including the almighty Z06. The same goes for the Camaro – it will be available in coupe or convertible in all trim levels. At the Geneva Auto Show earlier this month, Cadillac revealed their strategic plans for future growth in Europe stating that they are going to focus on brand positioning and improved customer service. Cadillac also wants to expand their model lineup in Europe to match their offerings in the United States. 

To kick off the model offerings, Cadillac is going to be offering the new ATS coupe as well as the redesigned 2015 Escalade SUV. As part of the expansion strategy, Cadillac also plans to bring over the ATS sedan, CTS sedan, and the SRX Crossover.

The intention of Cadillac’s European marketing strategy is to offer more models to compete with German brands like Mercedes-Benz. “The engine of growth for Cadillac is our cars – with a fresh new take on premium. The unique personality of the brand makes Cadillac the distinctive new face in the crowd. Europe is a key region for any premium brand and will play an important part for Cadillac in the future,” explained Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac Global Chief Marketing Officer.

We have no doubt in our minds that Cadillac’s business strategy will bring great growth to the brand. And with Chevrolet selling only their two iconic models through Cadillac, Opel/Vauxhall will compete as GM’s mainstream brand throughout Europe. It will be interesting to see the numbers once this all takes effect.