OK, so we have to take this with a grain of salt, but the good ol’ Corvette C7 rumor mill is firing right back up again, this time around with some rather unsurprising information. Motor Trend is claiming to have the inside track on the latest unconfirmed news on the upcoming ‘Vette, and it might come as a big upset to you LSX fans…well, current LSX fans, that is.

Again, this is an artist’s rendering of what the C7 might look like, but people within Motor Trend vow otherwise. We’ll just have to wait and see.
Image: Motor Trend

Motor Trend’s site claims, “According to sources inside GM, the C7 Corvette will be one of the first cars fitted with the next-generation small-block V8 GM had announced it is investing $890 million to develop and manufacture.”

The new small-block is expected to be made with an aluminum block and heads, which will feature direct injection and a completely new “combustion system.” The new small-block is expected to keep the traditional overhead-valve layout, “ensuring compact dimensions and lower manufacturing costs.” Prototype engines supposedly are already being ran on test beds somewhere in Detroit. Sources for Motor Trend say that the C7 engine will displace a mere 5.5 liters putting out about 440 horsepower.